Saturday, April 20, 2013

What's in Your Kitchen?

This is gonna be a long post!  But its full of great info so don't skim through it like I did all through college chemistry. You might miss something that was just the thing you needed to help you become healthier. Matt and I have only just begun our weight loss/muscle building journey. Nevertheless, we have learned so much these past three months and have been asked to share the details by multiple friends.

What we eat is constantly a work in progress. Some things we've tried and failed at miserably. I have not figured out each and every meal yet and wish I had the time to write on a calendar the meals for the entire month. I'm still trying to find dinners that are clean that taste good and are not boring. Like I said before on this blog, I wish I had the time to be more organized but I don't. Full time RN, wife and mother of two. I do what I can. 

What has worked for us the past few months is not some special, new concept. We did not make it up ourselves. Matt and I have done a lot of research. This is what we are doing that has worked for us. There are many ways to loose weight. But this is how we chose to do it and these are OUR opinions on the subject.

We've talked with some of our friends who have maintained a sculpted and toned body since we've known them, we've talked with weight loss doctors (who I work with at the hospital) and we have done a TON of research online. Most of all, we've tried these things ourself; some worked and some didn't!! Not overnight though. 

Our favorite web site with so much great nutrition and body toning advice is Almost all the food and meal ideas we've gotten are from that website. Don't be afraid if you see a few pics of men and women who are body building extremists on the site. I don't personally find that look appealing. Anyone who is attempting to build muscle and tone their body would be considered a body builder right? So I guess I'm a body builder. Weird. I sure don't look like one yet....hahhahahha. I will post more about the site on another blog post cause there is more I want to say. 

The Key
Here's what we found. It wasn't only the hour or more in the gym 4-5 days a week that helped us loose some weight (although that really sped up the process a lot) but instead, it has been the eating clean foods that we have found to be the real key to our weight loss. Since everyone already goes to the grocery store each week anyway, it really just takes making better choices at the grocery store. Making a list ahead of time of the things you know you should be eating is one thing that has helped me choose better food while shopping. (examples below) 

You don't need to purchase any special weight loss programs or a expensive bottles of pills, powders or pre packaged weight loss meals. They all probably help you loose weight quick. But do you really see yourself buying these items for the rest of your life? The second you stop using these products you will naturally gain the weight back cause your body did not loose the weight naturally. You CAN buy clean foods at the grocery store for the rest of your life! All that other stuff is just a way for business owners to make money by exploiting America's battle with obesity. Their is a reason why people in the Pioneer Days were so much more fit and healthy. They worked hard physically, all day long and only ate food they they either killed or grew themselves!

The Anatomy/Chemistry
Eating 6 clean meals a day is what we are doing to help transform our metabolism and keep our blood sugar levels from fluctuating all day long. I know what you're thinking....Who cares about blood sugar?? I'm not a diabetic!!! Well, all of us are affected by blood sugar weather or not you are a diabetic. If any persons blood sugar fluctuates, not only do you get cranky (very cranky!!! just ask my co-workers), but our bodies save and store the fat !! How counter productive is that?????? Anyone want their fat on their hips to stay there? Not me! As I get older, my metabolism has slowed down, so I have to be more careful and work harder to maintain/loose weight. Hence the eating often and eating a lot, but with clean food!!! 

It's really not HOW MUCH you eat, it's WHAT you eat!!! 

Food Prep
The only way you can make sure and eat healthy meals at home is to always have healthy snacks/meals readily available. That means planning ahead and setting aside a few minutes during the weekend to organize your meals for the week and do some preparing.  

Every Saturday we go to Costco and purchase raw Almonds, a sack of Avocados, and a 12 pack of fresh Chicken.  When we get home I take all the chicken out and divide them into  gallon sized freezer bags with a marinade. They sit in the marinade overnight and on Sunday afternoon, we grill all 12 chicken breasts. Actually, some the breasts are pretty big and would be considered multiple servings so I half some of them. So really, we have about 14 pieces of tender juicy chicken, in the fridge, ready to eat at any time during the next week. 

I need details!
Ok so this is a list of what we keep in our fridge, freezer and pantry most of the time on any given week. Didn't used to be that way but as of February....yes.

1. Fresh or Frozen Blueberries/Strawberries
2. Greek Yogurt
3. Whole Eggs 
4. Sugar Free Creamer
5. Turkey Bacon Turkey Sausage
6. Chicken Breast
7. Ground Turkey
8. Strawberries
9. Salad Stuff- Spinach/Romaine, Cherry Tomatos/Red and Yellow Bell Peppers, carrots
10. Almonds
11. Protein Powder
12. Skim Milk
13. Unsweetened Cocoa Powder/Vanilla Extract 
14. MulitVitamin/Fish Oil ( lowers cholesterol and tons of other health benefits)
15. Quaker Oats 
16. Frozen Quick-Steam Veggies
17. Salsa/ Low Na Spices
18. Avocado
19. Whole Wheat Bread/Whole Wheat Pita/Brown Rice
20. Coffee
21. Natural Peanut Butter or Almond Butter
22. Kashi Cereal
23. Olive Oil  
24. Jack Daniels Teriyaki Flavored Marinade or Italian Salad Dressing

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dang it

I spent all this time typing a long post about our workouts and I hit save and went to view it and it was gone. Of course. So I will attmept to re-write it and post it soon!!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Food Diary!

What's on the menu for today???

Quaker Rolled Oats Oatmeal 1/2 cup
Coffee with sugar free creamer

Protein shake

Grilled Teriayki Chicken
Greek yogurt with fruit

Post work-out snack:
Protein shake

Spinach and Romaine Salad with grilled chicken chunks, tomato, red onion, and feta
Splurge- Yummy Herb and Garlic Dressing! 4 Tbs


Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Change- Getting Started

I have been approached on multiple occasions by women I know, asking about Matt and I's weight loss. Matt has had a more dramatic result then i have so far but he has more weight to loose. Most people ask " what diet did you?" We don't do anything special or buy anything expensive or take any pills. Two words.... Hard work! Haha. Working out and eating specific meals that were all planned out ahead of time is what worked for us! We were not interested in quick fixes. People want to be thin NOW but thats not how it works. We wanted to be in shape and maintain it for good! We are currently still in the process of getting to our goal weight. Neither of us are there yet! We both still have a spare tired that we are still trying to get rid of! Haha.

So because of  my friends asking me questions and me never having the time to really sit and explain it all, I thought I'd do a few blog post about it. I really hope it encourages other women who have had kids and are trying to feel good about themselves and healthy again!

Her Past
Growing up I was not a "sports" kinda girl. Ever. I was lanky and skinny and never felt comfortable in anything but a one piece swim suit. When I joined a gym as an adult for the first time, I kinda just floated around, not knowing which machine to use or how to use it. I hated running and still do today. I never was consistent and if I didn't see results quick.....I'd give up. I have coasted my entire adult life as a "skinny fat" person. Always leaning on the good genes both my parents gave me, to get me through not working out and eating whatever I wanted. Well, after two kids and getting older, that eventually catches up to you. You can always hide behind your clothes and no one will know you are out of shape. I want to feel confident in a swim suit when there isn't anything to hide behind. Thats my goal.

Her Heaviest: +40 lbs (week of delivery)

 2 weeks Post Partum 

6 Months Post Partum ( 3 lbs away from pre- preggo weight)

His Past
Sports. Sports. Sports. He played every sport known to man. He built up a lot of muscle through out high school. Then, he graduated. He found himself discouraged about finding a career. He didn't like what he was studying and didn't like the school he was at. In the mist of all this, he got married. He tried changing his major. Again and again. That discouragement lead to depression. Stress, loosing sleep over school and eating delicious and fattening casseroles made by his new wife, all lead to major weight gain. Here are a few before pics of matt.

His heaviest weight: 293 lbs 2007 

Over the past few years, Matt has been able to slowly get some of the weight off. It wasn't until this February, that he started loosing enough to weight to make him now weigh LESS then he did in high school!!! This is the thinest he has been since I've known him. Since we were 16 years old! Thats amazing! I'm so proud of him!

After loosing 70 lbs 

Changing Together
The change happened February 6th 2013. We joined a gym. We went through our kitchen/fridge/cupboard and threw out everything that wasn't going to benefit us from the inside out. Well, we left the goldfish so our toddler wouldn't hate us lol but we did throw away her fruit snacks. We did tons of research on specific work-out plans and meals that we should be eating. We calculated how many calories we were burning and started keeping a log of exactly what we were eating and how many total calories we consumed on a daily basis.

Sept 2012
Matts weight: 246, Katie's weight: 178 lbs

January 2013
Matt's weight: 246, Katie's Weight 149 lbs

April 2013 
Matt's Weight: 223, Katie's weight 140 lbs

I was hesitant to post our actual weights cause I don't want people to fixate on an actual number. Everyone is so different, depending on their body type and height. There is no perfect number. Our "goal weights" are just general guesses of where we want to maintain but since muscle weighs more then fat. As long as I look toned I don't care what the scale says.

Technically, we are both at weights now that are "healthy" but neither of us have reached our goal weight yet. I have 15 lbs to go before I weigh what I did on my honeymoon (my goal) and Matt has 20lbs to go before he gets to his goal weight.  It's a long process and definitely not one that is a "quick fix". We are doing this the right way.  Calories in/ Calories out. Get up and move. Thats it. It has taken a lot of planning ahead and extra work but we haven't been happier!

My next post will be on our exercises! 

So, How have you been?

Gasp! I know you're surprised that I'm actually blogging.... It's been three months. Ridiculous. I know. 

The reality is, having two kids is very different then having one kid.  Working full time while my husband is the stay at home parent usually means he needs a break when I get home (understandably so) and my kids need to spend some much needed time with mommy. So I literally do not have even a moment of spare time in the afternoon to do any blogging. 

We started putting the kids to bed earlier to buy us some alone time as a couple (so important!!).  Sawyer now goes down at 8:15 and Addy around 8:30. Addy always stalls till 8:45 but it really has helped.  Getting up at 4:45am for work really messes you up if you don't go to bed early so I have to strategically plan out my nights. 

Two major things happened since we had little Sawyer. 

Numero Uno:  We decided I was going to get an ablation and my tubes tied. It is a big decision but we never really agonized about whether or not it was the right decision for us. Some of our friends have struggled lately with whether or not to be done and I totally understand why. Since the surgery, I have never given it a second thought. I'm so glad we did it. I am in love with my two sweet children! I am so glad I don't have to worry about periods any more!! 

Numero Dos: We turned 30!!!! Holy Cow!! A new era has begun. We are now "mature parents" who spend their Friday nights going to the grocery store as a family. Some might say all the "fun stuff" is over. Getting engaged, getting married, buying your first house...having your first kid.  We can now sit back a relax.... right? Ummm wait. I think I'm thinking of turning 50.  (my parents are having the time of their lives in the 50's!) Now is NOT the time to relax. In fact, life is crazy at the moment. hahaha! 

Both of these changes had a lot to do with our decision to completely change how we eat and how we get exercise.  During my most recent pregnancy, I gained pretty much the same as I did with my first pregnancy. About 40 lbs. I never got cankles, but instead I got; puffy lips, nose and cheeks and a huge belly. I literally looked like I had a allergic reaction to something my face is so swollen. Yes I have pictures to prove it. 

My husband also put on weight during this pregnancy (the first time pregnancy he actually lost a whole bunch, like seriously, 50lbs. lot - how rude right?!). We never worked out cause I was so exhausted all the time and was nauseated so bad that I really just ate anything that sounded appetizing. I worked full time up until the day I delivered Sawyer. And I don't have a desk job. I have a very physical job that includes running around, lifting obese people and heavy extremities. Needless to say, it was a long and hard pregnancy. I don't even think I took a nap or relaxed at all.

All that to say. We decided to make a change. A real one. No, not a "new years resolution", this months fad diet, or some crazy "juice detox" (aka starving yourself). A real, life change. No more excuses. Everyone knows your metabolism changes as you get older and it's a lot harder to loose weight/get into shape. And since I know I'll never get fat with another pregnancy again. I have no excuses left. The more you ignore it, the worse it gets. The more unhealthy you get, the harder it is to get healthy! 

I have to put my kids to bed but I will post all about the steps we took to get our bodies back on my next post! We have done a lot of research. I can't wait to share with you what has been working for us and what has not!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


So we're a week into 2013.

 I've always been a "cup half full" kinda gal. Always. It's kinda annoying to some people actually....

I don't know why but Im really excited about what God has planned for our family in 2013. Maybe it's because Matt and I will both enter a new era soon....our 30's!!! Orrrrr maybe it's because our family is complete and now we just have to sit back, relax (ha ya right) and enjoy the ride God has in store for us.

There are a few things that I have been thinking about lately. Contemplating really. Very random I know. I want to remember them so I'm writing them down in hopes they will encourage me (or you) at a later time.

1. I need to stop wasting time thinking about ME in my spare time. The time I have driving to and from work or in the shower or making dinner....I wouldn't necessarily characterize me as a prideful person but pride comes in many shapes and forms. Pride doesn't always have to come in the form of thinking highly of yourself. It also comes in the form of thinking low of yourself or just thinking about yourself too much. Either way, I always want to be more aware of what I do with my "empty time" and what I choose to think about on a daily basis. There are so many ways to worship and thank God for His blessings and I should be dwelling on that throughout the day instead of how long I think it will take me to save up and buy one of those fancy Kitchen Aid Mixers. (for the record, it would take a LONG TIME since they are $300-500 depending on which one you get!)

2. I need to do things to make my husband feel more special. Having two small children, sometimes I find myself accidentally forgetting to hug and kiss him when I get home from work. I just run to the kids and later I'll remember to wrap my arms around his waste and give him a smooch. It's easy to forget on a day to day basis. But let me tell you, the day something happens and he's gone, thats the day I'll miss those sweet kisses. Therefore, I need to be thankful for him daily and show him how much I love him. You get what I"m saying ladies....wink wink nudge nudge.

3. I posted something on Facebook recently. It was about me being nervous and not getting any sleep last night. I officially transferred Sawyer into his nursery/crib for the first time this weekend and have woken up to look at the monitor practicly every 30 min to make sure he's ok. haha. A very wise friend and mentor whom I've known for about 28 years got on and commented on my status. She left me a verse that was very fitting and appropriate:

Psalm 4:8 - "In peace I will lie down in sleep, for you alone, Lord, make me 

dwell in safety." 

I need to remember this verse because I have a worry streak in me that I haven't seemed to get rid of that is worse when they are really young like this. It has lessened with Addy now that she is older and can express herself and say yes and no but I'm just beginning with Sawyer! Lord, you alone keep my children safe at night.

4. I was cleaning, organizing and vacuuming the house today. I stood back and looked at both Addy and Sawyers rooms all clean and neat. There were piles of toys and old clothes that we didn't have room for. It hit me how blessed we are, even as a family of four, living on one salary. We have everything we need and lots of things we don't. I am glad I was raised in a family where we didn't get everything we asked for or wanted. It made the things we did get super special and exciting. I hope I can raise my kids to be thankful and super excited for everything that they have. How do you instill in a child a deep sense of contentment and thankfulness? That is one of my main goals for my children. If I could safely take my kids on a mission trip every year I would, just so they can see how spoiled they are.  

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hola friends!

What was I thinking starting a new blog right when I had another baby? and working full time? I think I was in denial ( those pregnancy hormones....) as to how busy/exhausted I would be EVERY SINGLE DAY. Haha!

I just got home from work and my house is so quiet....this is not the usual. Addy is at my moms playing and Sawyer is asleep and Matt is playing Madden so finally I have some free time to blog!!!! We are grilling out chicken tonight so I don't really have anything to prepare for for dinner. Yipee!

Here's the latest since it's been a MONTH. I'll be brief.....

1. Sawyer is the most smilie baby ever. He laughs from his gut and is super ticklish. I hated disliked greatly the newborn stage and since he is 3ish months now, he's no longer a newborn and I love it!!!!!  He is sleeping about 4-5 hours at a time at night and I feel like a normal person again!!! It took a lot longer to feel normal again (emotionally and mentally) after I had Addy so thank you Lord!

2. Addy loves to hang out with Sawyer. I can tell she wishes he was older so she could actually play with him. She wants to take baths with him and help him old a rattle etc. It's super cute. I can't wait till he's older.

3. Sawyer likes me better then Matt (haha!) cause he loves to cuddle and be held.  Addy never really liked to be held. She liked to swing. Addy responds better to Matt then she does with me. It's an even trade... I like it. haha.

4. The holidays were here and gone before we knew it. I tried to do the "Santa" thing but I wasn't very good at it. Matt was much better liar at explaining it. I just felt like I was lying to her. I never believed in Santa although it is a fun concept and I don't mind playing it up with cookies and milk etc. Next year she will probably get into it more. This year she was kinda confused about this random stranger who supposedly brought her gifts but whom she never actually met. haha.

5. I stopped breastfeeding a week or two ago. I just couldn't keep up at work OR at home. The second I  would walk in the door there was so much to do. I didn't have time to sit down and do nothing for 30+ min. I would go like 9 hrs without pumping at all during the day at work and then I'd get home and immediately start dinner and spend time with addy and before I knew it it was time for bed and I hadn't pumped in like 12 hrs. After a month of doing that you start to dry up. Work was good about letting me pump once a day which was great but to really keep up a good supply, you have to pump more often then every 9 hrs. Getting Sawyer 3 full months of antibodies was good with me. It was emotionally sad to stop and I loved the snuggle time. I told Matt that I will miss having such an awesome "superpower" that no one else had. BUT I make time everyday to snuggle with him regardless.

6. Random: I'm so glad BOTH my kids have dimples. That is what first attracted me to Matt and I really wanted my kids to get that gene. Sawyer has two and Addy has one. Isn't that the weirdest thing? I'm weird. Tell me something I don't know.

7. I'm about 10 lbs from my pre-Sawyer weight.  I"m about 20 lbs from my pre-Addy weight that I weighed on my honeymoon.  I still can't fit into any of my favorite skinny jeans which I wear a lot during the winter with my boots. Sooo, I figured out how to get around this problem.... I went to motherhood maternity and bought size small maternity skinny jeans. They fit PERFECTLY. I have chicken legs (as matt affectionally calls them)  and about a 16 week baby bump still on me. My regular skinny jeans fit fine until I get to my belly. Which is why small maternity jeans fit great and no one knows they are maternity! My boots look great with them and they are so comfortable! They are the perfect pants that will bridge the gap until I can squeeze my belly into my pre-prego jeans. I'm a genius. Remember ladies, it takes 9 months to put on the weight so it's normal for it to take 9 months to get it off. Actually, my doctor told me it takes a woman's body takes a full year to return to "normal" although we all know that our bodies never actually completely return. Which is why God created PLACTIC SURGERY!!!! Hahahhahahhahahahaha! Just kidding. kinda...

Dang Sawyer is up! Gotta go!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Favorite Magazines

Ok so with it being the holiday's, I have two favorite magazines I've carried with me and read cover to cover every free moment I've had....pee breaks, lunch breaks, pump breaks, waiting at red lights haha (the only time I am alone and can read by myself haha!). Here are the two and of course they are both all about sweets. I don't' know what it is but after this pregnancy, I've been addicted to sweets and have wanted to bake more then ever. It's awful. haha.

Southern Living December 2012 Issue

 Matt's absolute favorite kind of cake is Red Velvet and I've never made it before. I'd love to try and recreate this gorgeous cake for his big 30th birthday next month.

Here are some of my dream homes found in SL. 

Anyway, I digress...2nd best magazine....

Tried to make this but it called for beer and I didn't have any...

*Can u tell Im off work cause I never have time to blog this much! So fun!! ha


I am in love with this kiddo. He is now out of the newborn phase (thank you Lord) and in the young baby phase that involves holding his head up and laughing.  I'm loving it. 

Favorite Things

I thought it would be fun to post a few of my favorite things that are on my Christmas List for this year....

1. $24
 Even though I don't have time to run a photography business anymore it doesn't mean I don't still love photography. This is a fun way to drink your coffee! Love it! 

2. Baking stuff from Michaels:

a. Turnable cake stand for icing cakes

b. Baking strips so you cakes come out perfectly flat on top

C. Cake Lifter

D. Bakers Blade for making icing super smooth!

3. Anthropology Scarfs. They are kinda pricy but oh so cute and colorful!!!

4. Ruffled Cake stand from Pier 1- I want to start collecting cake stands. I love this one! 
5. Mom Agenda Calendar   
I wanted this one so bad I just bought it myself on black Friday! Haha! I LOVE to write things in my calendar and the holidays are so busy I decided to go ahead and get it now.